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The Studio

Color, Canvas, Creativity.

The studio sits in northwest Albert Lea, in the commercial center just off Main Street- an area we lovingly refer to as Georgetown. Its windows fill the space with natural light, illuminating a colorful collection of works that line the walls and clutter the counters. The atmosphere is one that promotes creativity and the appreciation of meaningful, hand-crafted art. To get a more up-close feel for Marti's Art Studio, check out 

The work on display is by the owner of the studio, local artist Martiangelo. She discusses various methods and inspirations for her art 

The studio not only serves as a backdrop for creativity and color, but as a space for events intended to promote discussion and appreciation of local art. These events include art discussions, open houses, coffee socials, and presentations covering both art and current events. These events should once again become regular as the limitations of Covid-19 begin to ease. 

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