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Interview with an Albert Lea
Celebrity- Joan Muschler

Renowned performance artist Joan Muschler joined Mark Anderson in Martiangelo's Georgetown studio to share her story, discuss the Arts, and to provide entertainment for the crowd that had gathered there. Watch the interview below!

Docent* Report

* Docent (n): an interpreter and/or guide for galleries

Docent reports/debates are a way of opening discussions on Martiangelo's art while promoting creativity and artistic inspiration. These will be formatted as an online forum, featuring multiple voices with different perspectives and interpretations of the subject. We thank our participants for offering their intellectual property for this project.

Recent Debate- 3/10/2020


Mark Anderson, Docent Extraordinaire and Host

Meg Ehrhardt, Guest Critic


The Debate

Debate #3- 1/22/2020


Mark Anderson, Docent Extraordinaire and Host

Jan Waller, Guest Critic

Debate #2- 1/10/2020


Mark Anderson, Docent Extraordinaire and M.C.

Jerry Noland, Guest Critic

Debate #1- 12/1/2020


Mark Anderson, Renaissance Man

Dr. Bill Buege, Guest Critic

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